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Putting Lessons

Putting is critical in golf because it comprises 43% of the score on each round! I firmly believe that you must have the proper set up, which involves correct alignment, ball position, grip, stance, and posture, as well as having your putter fitted to you perfectly. It is very important to practice your putting effectively. If you send me your putting stroke, I will diagnose it so you can improve your consistency. I have created a "Perfect Putting" video as well, which is included with the analysis of your putting stroke. I will also send you a few putting drills that I know will help you lower your score! I look forward to helping you lower your score today!
- Chad Johansen, PGA Pro

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When sending your putting videos,
** please remember to include all 3 camera angles.

Or email us at with any questions.

Down-the-line camera angle

Face-on camera angle

Putter Head camera angle

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