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Paul Scott

"Thank you so much for the full swing and putting lesson. I can't believe that my golf instructor is located in Chicago and I am across the pond. You will be getting plenty more of my videos in the coming year. Love the service!"
- Paul Scott - Belfast, United Kingdom

Danielle Dunn

"Thanks again for the analysis on my golf swing. I've always wondered why the ball always went right. With your analysis and drills I am actually excited to start improving my golf game. Thanks, Chad!"
- Danielle Dunn - Phoenix, Arizona

Rodney Clayton

"Thanks for the tips in the putting lesson! With the analysis and drills you have sent me, I have already seen an improvement in my putting stroke and am making more putts. Keep up all of the great work. I can't wait for the next lesson!"
-Rodney Clayton - Rolla, Missouri

Drew Halbesma

"Thanks so much for the golf lesson Chad! The drills and analysis of my swing are outstanding! I will definitely be recommending you to all of my Wisconsin friends! I'm looking forward to a follow up lesson soon!"
Drew Halbesma - East Troy, Wisconsin

Beth Peterson

"Thank you so much for the analysis of my putting stroke and the 'Perfect Putting' video. The analysis and drills you gave me are excellent. I can't wait to start practicing better and lowering my score. I will be recommending you to all of my friends in South Florida!"
Beth Peterson - Jupiter, Florida

Ed Franck

"The video lesson was great. I can really see my swing flaws. Your drills should be a good place for me to start to improve. It will be interesting to see my swing progress. I will send you another video in a few weeks."
- Ed Franck - Orr, Mn

Chris Aversa

"Thank you so much for the golf lesson. The analysis you sent me and drills are outstanding. I've been work hard indoors this off season and looking forward to the getting out on the course. This was much easier than I though and it is a great tool. I would definatley recomend your training to my friends. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to a follow up lesson soon! Thanks again!
Chris Aversa - Buffalo, NY

"Thanks again for the analysis of my golf swing and the "Consistent Swings – Consistent Shots" video. I love how you keep the golf swing simple. I'm anxious to hit the driving range and really practice the drills you sent me. Thanks again, Chad!"
Matthew Holden - Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I have been getting lessons from Chad Johansen since 2010 but I hated the 2 hour drive to his facility. This new worldwide golf lesson service is awesome. I love being able to send him my swing at any time of the day. I highly recommend golfers send their swings to Chad to diagnose. He is an amazing teacher!"
- Jarom Hutson - Chillicothe, Illinois

Dudley Campbell

"The only thing I missed about Chicago when I moved to Arizona was getting golf lessons from Chad. What an incredible system he has in place. I still can't believe I can send him my golf swings whenever I am having problems. The bonus videos were extremely helpful as well. I really recommend you send your videos for Chad to critique!"
Dudley Campbell - Scottsdale, Arizona

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the putting lesson you sent me with the 'Perfect Putting' bonus video. The drills are extremely helpful! I will make sure I get all of my golfing buddies to send you videos to critique. You are the best!"
Matt Williams - San Francisco, California

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